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Don't Let a Hot Stove Burn Your Child!

With little ones running around the house parents are constantly trying to childproof everything. From childproof locks on cabinets to baby gates blocking stairs, we have so many ways to protect our children from the most common household dangers.

One of the biggest fears of parents is that a hot stove will burn their child. So many parents are constantly looking over their shoulder while cooking or guarding the stove while the burners are still hot. A Massachusetts Annual Report states that 42% of household injuries in children are from burns. Another study says that a child is burned from a stove range every six minute. With children being so curious it can easily happen to any child in any household.

Well, parents fear no more! There is a new and revolutionary product made especially to keep your young ones safe. It's called the Range Safety Guard. This tool can be added to the front of most 30" kitchen stove to add height to your stove. When properly installed your child will not be able to reach any part of the stove base. This allows parents to have ease if your child is playing nearby or you have to walk away from the stove momentarily. Safety experts, fire marshals and medical professionals are impressed by the ease and design of The Range Safety Guard. With the price being only $29.99 , this is a must-have to provide safety in your home.

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