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New Cold & Flu Season Tips

#1 Get an Air Purifier to help you breath easier and healthier in your home. 

Most people do not realize your indoor air can be 3 times worse than the outdoor air we breath due to allergens like smoke, pet dander, ragweed, pollen and mold.  That is why cleaning the air you breath is so important.  You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping in your bedroom so making that air clean is a must.  Most air purifiers like the Secure Air Model SA1200 can handle a 10x12 room in under a few hours. 

Why do I like the Secure Air?

  1. It attacks the Major Causes of Polluted Indoor Air Using a Quad Filtration System it captures dust, particulates, pet dander and allergens, smoke, odors, attacks Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Molds & Allergens
  2. The tip-proof, low profile design fits easily into any room in your home of office.
  3. It's completely safe around children & pets
  4. Processes 480 cu. Ft./hr. of Polluted Indoor Air without generating harmful OZONE as a by-product.

Secure Air – "The total approach to healthier indoor air"

  1. OZONE FREE, low-profile, tip-proof design makes it ideal for any room in your home or office.
  2. Same technology that is used by hospitals, labs and research facilities for years to purify the air.
  3. Quad Filtration System comprised of Electrostatic Filtration, Carbon Filtration, Proprietary POC Coating, and UV-C Ultraviolet Emitter
    Purify your air today:

#2 Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks

There is nothing worse than a tissue that makes your nose raw, red and sore.  If you are going to get sick you may as well be comfortable and pamper your nose.

  1. Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks conducted a recent study that found nearly 70 percent of the population indicates that they go to work while sick during cold and flu season.
  2. To get people through cold and flu season comforted, Puffs took a classic -- the scent of Vicks -- and combined it with the softness and soothing of Puffs Plus with Lotion to create Puffs Plus with the scent of Vicks. Contains eucalyptus, menthol and camphor to give the scent of Vicks.
  3. Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks is available nationally at many major grocery, mass, club or drug stores with a box or cube to cost around $2.00. Also available in convenient To Go packs

#3 New Kids-EEZE® Chest Relief®

When kid's get sick, trying to give them medicine out of a spoon can be a stressful tasks.  Many times my children have clammed up and some of the liquid has spelled questioning if they received the full dosage. 

Now with Kids-EEZE chest relief parents with children over age 6 can take a deep breath with their new soft chew.  Proper dosage, taste great and it helps clear the chest for a more productive cough.

  1. Kids-EEZE Chest Relief is a single-ingredient guaifenesin (pronounced GWY-FEN-I-SEN) soft chew, so kids, ages 6 and up, get the proper dose each time.
  2. Thins and loosens chest congestion/mucus, making it easier for kids to cough it up…makes coughs more productive. Helps kids clear it.
  3. Chest Relief comes in two great-tasting, kid friendly flavors: strawberry and grape.

#4 Florastor Kids fights antibiotic associated diarrhea

There is nothing worse than a sick child on antibiotics unless you have  a sick child on antibiotics with a bad case of diarrhea.  It's tough on kids and the parents not to mention it can be a big mess to clean  when you have little ones.  I suggest giving your child Florastor yeast probiotic as soon as the start taking the antibiotic.  Here's why:

  1. One in five children taking antibiotics will end up with antibiotic-associated diarrhea, so it's important to protect their little tummies while they are on these medications.
  2. Florastor Kids is a yeast-based probiotic that won't be killed off in the gut by antibiotics.
  3. Florastor Kids has been clinically proven to prevent and treat antibiotic-associated diarrhea.
  4. Florastor Kids contains 10 billion good yeast cells per daily dose
  5. Available as a fruit-flavored powder and can be safely given to children ages two months and up
  6. #1 yeast-selling probiotic worldwide and was tested by, a highly-respected, independent testing group for vitamins and supplements.

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