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Halloween Party for 20 People for $50

Halloween is almost  here and it's a always fun to throw a Halloween party at your home.  But with today's trying economic times how can you throw a party without spending $100's of dollars on food and costumes?  Here are some savvy Halloween party ideas that can show you how to put your party costs on a shoestring budget of $50 or less!

Traditional Halloween Party for 20 people

Costumes per person $20
Party Prizes (5) $30
Balloons (5 @ $2 each) $10
Meat deli tray (serves 20) $39
Sherbert Punch (20) $10
Pin the tale game $10
Limbo game $20
Napkins, plates (20) $30
Sheet cake $40
Halloween bag $10
Total amount $219

Bare Bones Halloween Party for 20 people

Costumes per person (cheerleader, hobo, football player etc) $6
Dollar Store Prizes (5) $5
Balloons (5 @ $1.00 each dollar store) $5
40 croissant mummy dogs  (serves 20) $14
Pumpkin Punch (sprite-dole coloring.(20) $7
Toilet paper mummy game $1
Musical chairs FREE
Napkins, plates (20) $6
24 spider cupcakes $6
Halloween bag (BAG FREE recycledmake & decorate your own) $4
Total amount $53


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