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Penny Pinching -- CUT YOUR ENERGY BILLS by 20%

Cold weather is here and it won't be long before we are turning on the heat up and watching those monthly energy bills rise.  What can you do to  take control of your electricity bills and save as much as 20% per month?  Laura Dellutri our Life and Style expert is here with tips to help keep your electricity and gas bills under control this winter.

 Studies have shown that by supervising energy consumption using direct feedback methods, and making adjustments based on that information the average household may save as much as 20% on electricity costs. 

1.  Monitor your electricity usage.  The New Power Monitor from Black and Decker is an easy to use device that tells the home owner in real time how much electricity they use and the cost in dollars and sense. This wireless sensor attaches on the electricity meter outside a wiring or electrician required.  The sensor monitors the rate of electricity consumed and transmits this information to the handheld display monitor in your home.

2.  Keep your home 8 degrees cooler than normal.  Throw on a sweater, socks and warm pajamas.    Save up to $131* on winter heating bills this year with Sunbeam Heated Bedding  (Based on turning down the thermostat 8 degrees, 24 hours a day, 25 weeks a year and using a twin or full heated bedding product for 8 hours a night.  Calculated using information forecasted by the Energy Information Administration, March 2008).  Savings vary by size.

 3.  Use Your Ceiling Fans. This advice may sound counter-intuitive, but you should actually use your ceiling fans during the winter. A ceiling fan set in reverse can draw warm air through your home, helping to keep it warm.

4.  Insulate yourself from the cold. Check your home for drafts in windows, cracks and doors.  use weather stripping to seal out cold air and save you money.

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