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Holiday Gift Ideas on a Budget

With the economy in a slump many of us are looking for ways to cut our x-mas budget without looking like Ebeneezer Scrooger.  Laura Dellutri our home and life style expert is here today with some holiday gifts that will fit a tight holiday budget and leave you looking like a generous giver. 

Gift idea  #1   $5 tasty gift. Place any type of holiday bread pumpkin, bannana, even pound cake in a brand new oven mitt from the Dollar store.  Tie with a ribbon cost  $5.00  --you can take the cost down to $3 if you use a box mix and make the bread yourself.
Gift idea  #2   $15 romantic gift. Buy two placemats, two candles, two candles holders  at the dollar store.  Cost $6.  Pick up a bottle of wine on sale for around $9

Gift idea  #3   $25 family gift. Use a basket of any type and fill it with healthy snacks like Sahale snacks, pretzels, popcorn, raisin ect.  tie a x-mas bow on it and you are done!

Gift idea  #4   $50 Guy gift.  Everyone loves the flavor and healthy aspect of grilling, so why not give your guy something special?  An indoor grill without the smoke made by Sanyo is a perfect solution.

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