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Saving $20 or more on your next Cough or Cold!

 Getting sick cost millions of Americans lost dollars at work and a few bucks at your local drugstore.  Laura Dellutri the Healthy housekeeper offers some cost cutting solutions to help you find your next cough or cold.

Tip #1   Save money on nose sprays.    Nothing is worse than a congested nose that is sore, stopped up and red.  Use a hot steamy cloth over your nostrils when they are clogged and breath in for 2-3 minutes. Adding a little menthol to the cloth gives your nasal passages a great clearing. This is a great grandma trick that is free and it works.  SAVINGS $5.00.

Tip #2   Skip the Homemade soup. 
Making homemade soup can really add up once you buy the chicken, noodles, onions, carrots celery, spices and broth.  Studies have shown chicken soup really does help soothe the savage cold.  Campbell's soup, progesso or Lipton can offer the same benefits as homemade.Savings $8.00

Tip #3  Buy Mutli-purpose products  with vitamin c instead of buying 3 -4 different types of cold remedies.  Vicks has brought together America's cold fighting favorites with new Vicks Dayquil and NyQuil Plus Vitamin C which relieve multiple cold symptoms and helps replenish your body with Vitamin C. You can power through your day, sleep through the night and get 150% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.  Save the cost of orange juice or vitamin c supplements, expectorant, decongestant, and cough syrup. Savings $7.00-10.00

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