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Top Ten Old-Fashioned Cleaning Myths

1. "Vinegar is good for no-wax and hardwood floors."
The truth? Vinegar is an acid on the pH scale and can actually deteriorate the floor's shine. Use a safe floor cleaner, like Holloway House Quick Shine and neutral floor cleaner, and save the vinegar for your next salad recipe.

2. "Newspaper is great for cleaning windows and mirrors."
The truth? Newspaper leaves ink residue on the surface and can actually cause smears. Your best bet is a microfiber cleaning cloth. They can actually clean with just water... no chemicals, no streaks, no smears!

3. "Ammonia is a good cleaner for no-wax floors."
The truth? Ammonia is used as a floor stripper and can deteriorate your no-wax and hardwood floor's shine. Stick with a neutral floor cleaner like Holloway House Quick Shine and neutral floor cleaner.

4. "Furniture polish is good for all wood."
The truth? Overspraying polish on wood furniture leads to a gummy build up. Try using a microfiber cloth, half dry- half damp, weekly, and limit your polish use to once a month, Be sure to spray it only on your cloth, not the furniture itself. Never spray furniture polish on your polyurethane finished hardwood floor.

5. "Vinegar on carpets to clean up pet accidents."
The truth? Pet odor carries a strong urine smell, mix that with vinegar and you get nothing but a vinegar and pet urine carpet spot! Vinegar is not a disinfectant by itself and can only disinfect when it is mixed with peroxide as a spray. When dealing with bodily fluids from people and pets proper disinfection is important. A disinfectant cleaner with a uric acid eradicator (ENZYME CLEANER) can be purchased at most janitorial suppliers or at most pet stores. The enzyme cleaner not only disinfects but digests the bacteria and stops the odor. I recommend buying the enzyme cleaner and injecting your carpet spots enough to go into the pad without saturating it. Press down on the spot with an absorbent towel to pick up the liquid. Rinse with cold water. Press down again with towel. Blow dry the clean spot to inhibit any moisture from growing mold bacteria.

6. "Ammonia is good for cleaning the inside of the oven."
The truth? It gives me a terrible headache! The fumes from the oven almost knocked me off my feet! I prefer to spend $5 and buy a professional strength oven cleaner from a janitorial supplier that has no harsh fumes and that you can spray on the surface for 10 minutes and wipe clean effortlessly.

7. "Lemon juice is a great cleaner."
The truth? Lemon juice works very slooooooooooowly.........who has time to wait all day on a product? I want to play! Try the new citric orange cleaners. They can get tar, gum and crayola off of floors and walls in seconds! I call it magical cleaning.

8. "Baking soda works on soap scum."
The truth? It may be a safe product, but it is not an aggressive cleaner. Better lift some weights, because your arms are going to be scrubbing that soap scum a long time. What's the best thing to use? I like Kaboom, a new bathroom tile cleaner that works on soap scum, lime scale build up and rust spots with no harsh fumes. Spray it on, wait 1-3 minutes and wipe it off. Rinse. Go to the Mall.

9. "Tang works as a cleaner for toilets and rust."
The truth? For $3.49 cents an 8 ounce bottle Tang is not only an expensive toilet bowl cleaner, but it is made up of sugar, a little orange flavoring and some vitamins. Call me old fashioned, but it's a toilet bowl not a punch bowl!

10. "Floor cleaners can "clean and wax" with no build up."
The truth? That claim needs to be debated on Judge Judy! If you mop a dirty floor, with a dirty sponge mop and spray a wax on it to clean, you have in fact, waxed your dirt right into the floor. Don't believe me? Read that back label on those no-wax floor cleaners next time you head to the grocery store. Caution: "After repeated use you may experience buildup. Use 1/4 cup ammonia with all-purpose cleaner to strip your floor". Stick with microfiber Floor Mop. You get a washable microfiber mop head pad, a safe floor cleaner and you can cut your mopping time in half. If you want to restore the shine to your polyurethane finished hardwood floor, use Holloway House Quick Shine after you thoroughly clean your floor. Be sure any wax residue is completely removed.

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