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THEME: Mix ní Match (Do More with Less!)

by Laura Dellutri

This month, mix up your day-to-day with different flavors, fabrics and fun for the whole family. Doing something out of the ordinary will spice up your routine, your decor and your dinner at the same time. We'll make it easy for you to do something new with inspiring ideas for mixing it up without breaking the bank! It's  fun to add a little life into your home it not only gives you a spark but your family too!  Turn on the music, enjoy new ways to connect with your family, love the colors from the decorative collectibles you choose that will create the atmosphere you want.   Add pieces of  home decor, decorative collectibles and home decorating ideas that are stamped with your personality and enjoy!

  1. Make it a Theme Month!  Every month has some holiday tucked into it.  Why not make new traditions that last a lifetime for your family.  You can do this on a strict budget.  You can find decorative seasonal items at an affordable price at most department stores, clearance outlets or even garage sales.  For Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's day children love it when you decorate up a room or even the front entry!  
  2. Cook with seasonal items that are on sale.  Excite your family's palate for all types of foods.  We all get in a rut cooking the same things weekly and that does become boring over time.  Each month you can find seasonal recipes using the sale items that work around your theme.  For Halloween make pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars and look for dinner recipes made with squash.  In the summer fruits are plentiful and affordable for everything from blueberry pancakes, to mandarin orange salad and all types of deserts!   You can find easy and affordable recipes on the internet.  Valentines day is a perfect time to make heart cookies, cupcakes and other seasonal deserts for the family all the ingredients for the recipes are on sale.
  3. Give your kitchen a Face lift!  Your kitchen tends to be the area the family eats and congregates in daily.  Make your kitchen table a focal point of your kitchen by adding a seasonal splash of color.  You can give your kitchen a mini face lift just by adding colorful place mats, napkin rings and colorful candles.  Most items can be bought at a fraction of the cost on clearance shelves.
  4. Change your cleaning routine.  Don't just clean the house, turn on some music and make it fun!  You not only burn calories, but teaching=2 0a work ethic is a memory your family will remember.  Don't get discouraged with pet hair.   Even  owning a pet be a challenge to keeping a clean home.  The new Swiffer Sweeper was recently been deemed the "groomers' choice" for pet hair clean up because it helps busy pet owners go all the way clean -- with dry sweeping cloths that trap and lock 50 percent more dirt, dust and pet hair than a broom, and wet mopping cloths that clean away the messes pets leave behind.

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