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Want to make the most money possible at your next Garage Sale?

Follow these tips:

  1. Show "NEW Price" use the internet to print off the cost of the new item.  The very brand you are selling of the baby car seats, play pens, ice cream makers, microwaves, furniture, camp gear, bedding, sports equipment and electronics are easy to find on line.  Print and cut the photo w/new price.  Tape to the item next to your selling price.  This helps you get top dollar for your items.
  2. List items on Craig's List--no successful garage sale can miss this important step.   The last sale I did the only advertising I did was on Craig's List and some signs.  A group of people from Craig's list were at my door 20 minutes early standing in my driveway waiting for me to open the door!
  3. Keep it Organized.  People buy more when your items are easily seen and they don't have to dig or move things to look at them.

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