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Keep the Children Busy and Safe this 4th of July!

  1. Face painting flags, firecrackers and Red White & Blue designs
  2. Make paperplate tambourines- place a handful of hard beans in between two paper plates, add red-white-blue 12" streamers on bottom--staple all the way around paper plate--the kids can color the plates first..they are fun little noise makers also!
  3. Put large bowl of water close for hot sparklers--
  4. Keep a first aid kit handy for minor bumps and bruises
  5. Attach a sprinkler to your garden hose, the kids will play for hours!
  6. Buy sidewalk chalk --don't forget to help them make their first hop scotch and 4 square games
  7. Water balloon fights are a must!  Dads love this too!
  8. Water guns  and super soakers offer loads of fun for kids!
  9. Slip and Slides are an inexpensive way to keep kids laughing and slippery!
  10. Making red white & blue cookies, jello and cupcakes build great memories and family traditions

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