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Five easy tips on how to celebrate Labor Day in style

Before I fire up the grills and race to the last summer gathering at the beach, I know I’ll be looking in the mirror to be sure I’m looking my best before I say goodbye to the summer this Labor Day.  Here are my top five tips on how to look your best before jumping into my swimsuit one last time.

  1. The healthiest tan is a fake one – get your glow on with sunless self-tanners and bronzers for a great tan without the sun damage.  Remember that a fake tan does not provide any protection to your skin.
  2. Drink lots of water – Your skin is best hydrated by drinking lots of water and moisturizing. You do not want to use a moisturizer that contains alcohol or alcohol derivatives as they will dry your skin. Also, when washing, use warm water only to maintain hydration. Extremes of temperature such as very cold or very hot will actually dehydrate your skin by extracting water out of your skin cells. After washing, just pat your skin dry and immediately apply an emollient with natural oils to help trap the moisture into your skin.
  3. Protect your skin – Don’t forget the sunscreen before hitting the barbeque, it is important to use at least SPF 15 or greater with broad spectrum coverage.  If you have fair skin, light hair or eyes, a history of skin cancer SPF 45 or greater is best.
  4. Shape up – No woman is immune to cellulite and speaking from experience, even a healthy diet and frequent trips to the gym cannot stave off cellulite.  I recommend trying a non-invasive treatment like VelaShape can help to reduce your waistline and get your thighs looking toned just in time for a poolside party.  American Laser Centers has over 220 clinic locations nationally to get you looking your best.
  5. Get moving – There’s no better feeling than breaking a sweat.  Hitting the gym and getting your heart rate up for at least 45 minutes a day, three times a week will help to boost your metabolism, heart health and make you look and feel great.  Don’t have a gym membership?  Go for a walk and pick up the pace for sexy summer legs and more energy.

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