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KEEP THE BUGS OFF! this Summer

by Laura Dellutri

OUCH!  Scratch, Scratch, Scratch itch itch itch.  The kids scratch it, you scratch it, even the dog suffers from bug bites once they leave their bite on your skin.  How can you keep bugs from attacking you this summer?  How can you ease the pain, once they have bitten?

  1. Wear the Clip - Use the OFF! clip.  It's perfect to carry in the car, use on the patio, and take to your next ball game.
  2. Use a Wipe - There are many pocket sized personal wipes that contain Deet like Deep Woods OFF! You can put them in your purse, child's back pack, or car console for easy protection from bug bites.
  3. Spray it on - If you know you are going to be outside at a picnic area, camp sight or even on your patio.  Spray the repellent that works out doors.  You can spray a bug shield around your area, reducing insects that are just looking for bodies to feast on!
  4. Stop the itch -For external- rubbing alcohol does a great job for instant relief.  You can also buy new bug bite pain sticks at most drug and grocery stores.  The sticks fit easily in your purse.  For internal itching allergy medicines like Benedryl is normally doctor recommended, but check with your physician if it's a more serious itch like chiggers, poison oak or poison ivy.

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