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Mini-blinds, Walls, Patio And More...

("The hardest thing to clean...")
If they are in good shape, just use a damp cloth once a week. Rotate the blinds, clean the other side and they'll look great.

For mini blinds with built-up dirt and grime:
1. Learn martial arts, because these blinds will attack you, especially if you use the old fashioned method of hosing the blinds down in the driveway, or putting them in the bathtub to clean them. (Who gave us those cleaning tips anyway, Atilla the Hun?)

2. Clean each slat individually with a cleaning cloth and an all-purpose cleaner (not recommended for busy professionals or people with short attention spans).

3. Call an ultrasonic blind cleaner. They are in the Yellow Pages and they're affordable. Not only do they come to your house and take the blinds down, but the ultrasonic waves clean the blind's headrail mechanisms and ropes. The dirtiest blinds can look brand spanking new! Call for a free estimate, it's worth every penny!

Wall Cleaning-
Flat wall paint is the absolute worst when it comes to cleaning! You can actually try toclean a spot and have the paint come off the surface you are trying to clean! Use an orange cleaner.Citrus cleaners will clean everything from black marks to greasy fingerprints and crayon marks without taking off the paint.

Want to speed clean through washing your walls? Get creative. I take a large dish towel cleaning cloth that has been dipped in a pail of warm water with orange cleaner, wring it out, and tie it snugly around my mop head. It's fast and easy. You can't squirt the cleaner like you usually do with this mop, but it will still cut your wall washing time in half!

Patio Furniture-
Resin Furniture- bleach and a little water works really well. Use a grout brush to get into the grooves.
Cloth Furniture- Use mild detergent solutions.
Metal or Wrought Iron Furniture- Use mild cleaners; no harsh chemicals.
Woven Furniture-Use mild detergent with a scrub brush.

Light Fixtures-
It's time to clean out all those bug corpses that have been hanging around in your light fixtures since last fall. It's easiest if you get yourself organized first. Get a damp cloth, a dry cloth, a bottle of glass cleaner and your ladder. (Practice all manufacturer safety guidelines for climbing on a ladder.) Throw the damp cloth and the dry cloth over your shoulder and hang a bottle of glass cleaner off your belt or waistband so you won't have to climb up and down your ladder. Then head for those lights.Wipe the bulbs with a damp cloth (wait till they are cool first or they will pop and break). Take off the fixture, wipe and re-hang. Then vacuum or sweep up the dust and bugs that have fallen below.

Barbecue grills-
Forget all the old wives tales. They take too long. Look in the Yellow Pages under Janitorial Suppliers and call and ask if they carry professional oven cleaner. It only costs about $5.00, has no odor and works in just 10 minutes after spraying it on the grill. Rinse thoroughly.
If your barbecue grill is a real mess, buy a brass grill brush with a scraper on one side. Scrape the grill and then run it for 20-30 minutes.
Also,each time you finish grilling, clean off all food residue.
If you really hate to clean the grill, try a simple preventive cleaning measure this barbecue season....put aluminum foil on the grill prior to cooking!

Buy the professional strength oven cleaner for non-self cleaning ovens.
For self-cleaning ovens, be patient. Most ovens take 3 hours of actual "burn time" to clean the oven interior effectively. Then you only need to wipe the oven clean.

Dirty Drip pans-
Try one of the Healthy Housekeeper's favorite speed cleaning tips. For those dirty, grimey drip pans that are a pain to clean, go to one of the super mart stores and buy yourself 4 brand new drip pans for about $2.00 each. Then, when you cook, use the old grimey drip pans. When company comes, put on the new shiny drip pans. Your stove will always look clean and new and your company will think that you are the best cleaner ever!

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