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Take the Internet Lingo Quiz

Kids have quickly adopted a cryptic form of communication (Internet Lingo) that consists of abbreviated words and phrases that they use to code their conversations. Do you know the meaning of the following expressions?

  1. LMIRL
  2. CD9
  3. 143
  4. F2F
  5. ASL
  6. Zerg
  7. KPC
  8. C-P
  9. BFN
  10. TIAIL

 For definitions to these and hundreds of other popular chat acronyms, download a free copy of the “Parents Guide to Internet Lingo” at:


  1. Let’s Meet In Real Life
  2. Parents are Around
  3. I Love You
  4. Face to Face
  5. Age, Sex, Location
  6. To Gang Up on Someone
  7. Keeping Parents Clueless
  8. Sleepy
  9. Bye for Now
  10. Think I Am In Love

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