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Organizing Tips

  1. Get Ahead of Clutter.  Stay organized and refuse to let clutter overwhelm or take over a space. Follow the "Don't put it down put it away" rule.  Give everything in your home a place to live   Junk drawers can be organized with drawer organizers.  Extra clothes can be stored under bed in clear containers.  Newspapers and Magazines can be put in one bin until ready to be recycled.  Crowded pantries can have wall shelves hung for spices, pastas and rolls like foil and plastic wrap.  Cluttered counters can always look clean if you start by storing big items like toasters, can openers the cabinets.  Use 3 sort bins for laundry, teach the family to sort by color to make laundry easy and stress free.  Store messy refrigerator jars, tubs and containers in your vegetable and produce drawer.  Most refrigerators come with 2-3 and keeping all the condiments, yogurts and butter tubs keep your refrigerator organized. 
  2. Get Ahead of Lost Items.   Stop misplacing keys, cell phones, and ipods.  Use a central docking station for the whole family to plug in everynight. For remote controls velcro to the side of the television set.  Train your family to hang it there after every use.  Install 3-5 plastic hooks on the garage or entry door.  Upon entering the home hang keys and upon leaving the home they are always in the same place.
  3. For Homework..keep a plastic bin, tub or wall file near the door the children can place permission slips, homework assignments that need signatures, and calenders with upcoming events.

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