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Dusting Tips

1. Keep windows and garage doors closed.

2. If you like to keep your windows open, buy allergen protective screens (go to

3. Buy filters for your home that minimize dust.

4. Take off your shoes before coming into your home and leave them by the door.

5. Don't let guests wear their shoes in your home.

6. Purchase a microfiber cloth for dusting; it cleans without chemicals.

7. Make sure to buy cleaning tools that save you time and money.

8. Have all your supplies on or near you to save time. (Wearing your tools can cut your cleaning time in half.)

9. Look for washable dusters like the Total Reach Duster

10. Buy a HEPA or high efficiency filtered vacuum to capture allergens.

11.Use vacuum cleaner attachments to clean electronics and furniture.

12. Start at the top with your HIGH DUSTING.

13. Work your way around the room MID DUSTING.

14. Lastly, you can begin your LOW DUSTING.

15.Dust light fixtures, ceiling vents, floor vents, and doors.

16. Microfiber cloths are the best dusting tool for all surfaces

17. Vacuum all hard and carpeted floors with a hi-filtration vacuum. (I like Pro-Team's Sierra Back Pack Vacuum. For more information, go to

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