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Pet Allergy Tips

Practice great grooming habits for your pet.
Brush your pet's hair daily in the garage or outside of your home. Wash your pet's hair weekly with a dander denaturing product. (Have a non-allergic family member do these things if possible.)

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap after pet contact.

Use a pet hair roller on your furniture.
(I like "Sticky Critter" made by Sunshine Brands.)

On hard floors, use a damp mop to capture pet hair and saliva. Then vacuum with a high filtration vacuum.

Clean your home regularly (at least 1x per week).

Routinely apply carpet protector to your carpets to keep moisture from getting into the pad when pet accidents occur.

Vacuum with a true high filtration HEPA vacuum, ULPA filter vacuum or Central Vacuum System
Vacuum walls, ceilings, furniture, shelves, electronics, etc.

Move litter boxes to a well ventilated area of your home.

Do not let pets in your bedroom.

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