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Vacuum Tips

HEPA or high filtration filters will contain airborne particulate in your home as you vacuum.
HEPA filtration filters capture particles down to .3 micron in size. (One micron is 70 times smaller than a strand of human hair.) Compare that to conventional paper or cloth vacuum bags which only capture 30% of dirt!

Follow the vacuum cleaner manufacturer's instructions for proper use of their product.

For the best cleaning results, inspect the vacuum cleaner periodically to be sure it is functioning properly:
Keep vacuum brushes clean, and replace them when worn.
Keep vacuum hoses and attachments free of obstructions that restrict air flow.
Inspect belts frequently to make certain they are working properly.
(Always keep a spare belt for replacement as needed.)
Inspect cords each time you vacuum.

Never yank a vacuum cord out of the wall. It can cause arcing (sparks from outlet).

Vacuum in "corn rows" for carpet that shows tracks (and for faster, more efficient cleaning).

Follow the vacuum cleaner manufacturer's instructions, and change the vacuum bag when it is more than half full. As the bag becomes full, soil removal efficiency is reduced.Use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement bags or bag types recommended by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

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