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Avoid Illness While Travelling

1. Put Vaseline (or use a saline nasal spray) in your nose before each air flight. Airborne bacteria can enter your system more easily if you have dry nasal passages, which can occur if you're spending time in dry, air-conditioned airports, airplanes, hotels or offices.

2. Take Echinacea a few days before an air flight to help build up the immune system.

3. Have tissues ready for a coughing or sneezing seat mate on a plane.

4. Carry a hand sanitizer and use after getting in cabs, pushing elevator buttons, and touching doors and handrails.

5. Do not use the top comforter on the beds at hotels. They are not washed daily and can carry germs.

6. Make sure hotel blankets are covered on the top and bottom with a sheet. Some hotels do not wash their blankets daily.

7. Bring disinfectant wipes or spray for hotel restrooms, remote control, door knobs and phones.

8. Buy an "air supply" for air travel by going to This will help eliminate the germs in the recycled air you breathe.

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