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Automobile Quick Interior Cleaning

1. Keep a small trash bag in the car and use it to regularly remove unnecessary items from your vehicle.

2. Carry a microfiber cloth for smudges, streaks and dust.

3. Buy a mini-duster for the vents.

4. When you wash the exterior, be sure to also vacuum the interior including seats, mats, and cushions.

5. Buy travel pack of Armor All wipes to keep side panels, and dash protected and shiny.

6. Buy an extra set of plastic mats to place on top of the original, especially in the winter.

7. Spray Scotchguard or upholstery protector on fabric seats to repel spills.

8. Double wrap liquid bottles to prevent leakage on rugs.

9. If you have small children, it is best to cover the back of the seats to prevent unwanted spills and stains, and mud and shoe prints.

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