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Get Rid of Bugs for Good This Summer!

Stop frantically swatting the air and get rid of bugs for good this Summer!

Here are 5 helpful tips to keep bugs out of your home:

1. Don't Let Them Crawl In! Boric Acid is a great way to create a barrier on doors that may be open or not sealed well.  It's releativley safe to be used indoors and it works wonders when you put it in the base of a sliding or regular doors. Boric Acid  is
cheap and you can find it on line.

2. Don't Let Them Fly In!  "Bugs Off Screen" is an extremely helpful product that keeps the bugs from sneaking in while traffic is going in and out through your door.  It automatically closes in mere seconds giving bugs no chance to enter your home. It's great for kids that forget to shut doors behind them and it's very easy to install as well as move to other doors in your home.  Go to for more information.

3. Don't Let Them Creep in Through Cracks! Find and seal all cracks in basement walls and in window casings and doorways. If there is just a tiny crack in your house bugs will find a way to sneak in. Caulking is a cheap and easy way to fix the problem.

4. Spray Them Away!  Sprays are a great way to keep bugs off of you and your family, as well as out of your home. Non-toxic sprays are great and work extremely well. 

5. Don't Swat or Squash, spray and vacuum!  Swatting and squashing bugs leaves disgusting buggy residue in your house. The best way to rid a bug for good is to spray it to kill it then vacuum it and the surrounding area up off the floor.  Make sure you are using a nontoxic bug spray and just enough of it to kill the pest.  Vacuuming it is a clean and easy way to make sure everything is gone and it is important when killing spiders to make sure you spray or vacuum around the area so no eggs are left behind, ICKY!

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