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A Few "A's" In Maintenance And Cleaning

Aluminum Surfaces Patio Furniture
Maintenance: Cover or store away from rain and winter elements. Keep aluminum furniture out of pool.


  • Lay towels on furniture before laying on it.
  • Pressure clean with water or with mild disinfectant called quaternary ammonium chloride.
  • An alternative to pressure cleaning is to regularly clean with a mild detergent and long handled brush. Use Dawn dish detergent because it contains emulsifiers that breakdown oils and this detergent is scum free.
  • Lightly wax aluminum frames.

Answering Machines
Maintenance: Dust the outside casing regularly.


  • Clean buttons with water and rubbing alcohol.
  • Take the machine apart and clean the insides of the buttons also.
  • Clean the heads of your answering machine.

Maintenance: Clean out attic once a year if used as a storage room. Check ceiling for leaks etc.


  • Get rid of clothes not worn in last year and clothes that will not be worn in the year to come.
  • Go through all storage boxes, even a few at a time if necessary.
  • Get rid of items you have not used in two years.
  • Arrange pick up of all items to be donated.

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