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Holiday Cleaning Tips

Gone are the days of Old fashioned cleaning weeks before the company comes!  Today's busy family just doesn't have time to spend all day cleaning!  Here are some tips that can cut your cleaning time in half or more this holiday season.

  • Before the company comes! Try to have all of your deep cleaning done by Nov 15th, guest rooms, bedding washed, carpets cleaned and don't forget to add the Scotchguard carpet protector for all of those holiday spills! Don't stress out at the last minute!  Slide some Bounce sheets in between the sheets and pillowcases for a a fresh scent when their head hits the pillow.
  • Get mats for your front door and entry. 85% of the dirt that comes into your home is from the bottom of shoes. Have an 8'-10' mat so that shoes can hit the mat at least 6 times.

Get your home looking it's best with these quick Speed Cleaning tips:

  • Walls--Use the Mr. Clean magic eraser to get rid of those scuff marks and crayon marks off the wall.  I like the eraser that leaves the fresh scent of Febreze behind it is a time saver  compared to washing walls for hours. You can also use it on those black marks on your floors from shoes!  All you need is a little water on the sponge and it really does work like magic!
  • Shine up those floors--Forget traditional mop and bucket use Swiffer wet jet it works on hardwood, ceramic and tile most floor surfaces.  They now offer a hardwood floor cleaning solution too. They also offer a money back guarantee at --you can't go wrong testing this out.
  • Shine bathrooms quickly --use a multi-surface spray that disinfects, cleans glass, and removes soap scum.  I like Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Spray.  It kills 99% of germs and bacteria perfect for speed clearing the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Vacuum high traffic areas only.  Your  guests won't be looking under the couch and in the corners for dirt.

While the company is there, keep clean up time limited...

    1. Buy cooking spray - spray every pan, pot, and piece of bake ware with cooking spray before you cook, this will enable you to make dishwashing easy.
    2. Keep a sink full of hot soapy water - as the dirty dishes start coming don't forget to toss them in the hot water to make clean up fast and easy!
    3. Keep a Swiffer sweeper vac handy to pick up all of the cookie and crumbs your guest spills on the floor.
    4. Spills on floors - Use a Swiffer wet jet, no stickiness will get left behind. 
    5. Someone trash your bathroom?  No problem, stick a box of Mr. Clean Disinfecting wipes with the fresh scent of Febreze under the sink and touch up in between the part.  Guest will get fresh smells when they walk in the door!

Cleaning up after the company leaves should be just as easy...

Stop the spread of germs that recycle colds and flu by sanitizing your home with the disinfecting wipes.  Add 1/2 cup of bleach in your next dishwashing load to kill germs on dishware. If your water temperature in your dishwasher does not reach 140 degrees, you may not be getting all of your dishes sanitized! Stop the spread of illness in your home all year by adding a little bleach each time you wash a load.

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