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Make Your Home Sparkle with Household Items

Problem: Dishwasher not completely sanitizing dishes
Solution: ¼ cup of bleach
Feel like dishwasher may not be sanitizing all of your dishes? You may be right. The hot water needs to be set between 135-140 degrees F to effectively kill germs. If your hot water does not reach that temperature, just add ¼ cup of bleach in your dishwasher load.

Dish Detergent
Problem: Carpet spots/stains
Solution: Dish detergent and a bucket of water
Did you know that mild dish detergent is considered 7 on the pH scale? That means it is nonacid non alkaline and is neutral. That makes it the perfect choice for cleaning carpet spots, and hardwood floors, it won't ruin the surface and has enough surfactants to get the dirt out!

Fabric Softener
Problem: Dirty paint brushes
Solution: Container with downy fabric softener
Forget the turpentine, save yourself the trip to the hardware store and try this sneaky little trick. Pour a cup of fabric softener into a half gallon jug of milk with the lid cut off. Soak your dirty paint brushes in there and viola!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Problem: Mold growth on bathroom tile
Solution: Peroxide, Toothbrush, Grout Brush
Hydrogen Peroxide is for more than cleaning open cuts, it actually is one of the only things that kills mold and mildew. Did you know that your toothbrush should be cleaned after every use? Hot water won't do it, neither will mouthwash. Dip the toothbrush in Peroxide do not rinse, it will kill the germs and evaporate off the toothbrush surface.

Lemon Oil
Problem: Chalky white, shower door
Solution: Lemon Oil
Lemon oil is for more than fine wood. It can be used to coat shower doors, clear up soap scum, and repel shower build up. Use twice per month.

Mineral Oil
Problem: Pasty stainless steel sink
Solution: Mineral oil
If your stainless sink looks dull and lifeless try this little secret, clean regularly, put mineral oil on a dry cloth, coat a layer on sink, then buff! It will look shiny again and repel water spots!

Peanut Butter
Problem: Gum in hair
Solution: Peanut Butter
Do not cut your child’s hair for those gum in hair emergencies, just rub a little peanut butter on the area where the gum is stuck and it's gone.

Silver Cream
Problem: Scratches on CD/DVD player
Solution: Silver cream and a soft, microfiber cloth
Have you ever been watching an exciting movie and your DVD skips because of a scratch? No worries! Just apply tiny amount of silver scream to the scratch, buff, and play. (Works best on minor scratches only.)

Swiffer extendable duster
Problem: Hard to reach areas that need dusting!
Solution: Swiffer extendable duster
For around $5, this is the newest and latest item no home should be without. This duster is a miracle duster that slides under refrigerators, cleans blinds, and dust baseboards so you don't have to. Handle extends to 3 feet and has 1000's of fluffy fiber fingers that trap dust and dirt from electronics, antiques and more!

Problem: Kool-aid smiles and jewelry rings
Solution: Toothpaste
Take a small dab of toothpaste and rub over the red stains on your child's face, no tears or rubbing, works like magic! If your diamond ring is looking dull, use an old toothbrush and a dab of tooth paste to polish it quickly!

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