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Top 10 Bacteria Infested Areas In Your Home

1. Sponges and kitchen rags harbor most infectious bacteria

2. Kitchen sinks - disinfect daily, do not use contaminated dishcloths or sponges.

3. Trash Cans disinfect and rinse monthly.

4. Toilet flushing since the water from the toilet bowl can spray up to a 20-foot radius. Keep the lid down!

5. Toothbrushes - clean with peroxide or mouthwash after each use-no rinsing, store vertically inside medicine cabinet.

6. Vacuuming - paper and cloth bags can actually contaminate the air with all types of germs, and airborne particulate matter. Use a true HEPA vacuum to eliminate blowing contaminated air back into the room.

7. Dust mites in the Bedrooms on, average 2 million dust mites can sleep in your bed every night. Wash bedding weekly 130 degrees or hotter, use allergen encased mattress and pillow encasements. They do not bite you, but will live off your dead skin cells, it is the protein on their feces pellets that becomes airborne and trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

8. Mold growth mold can cause toxic spores that can make you very ill. Mold growth can be hidden in walls, under floors, ceilings etc. An undetected leaky pipe or moisture can create a healthy environment for mold growth.

9. Refrigerator Water dispensers -and recycled water bottles are areas that can harbor germs and bacteria.

10. Toasters, Can openers, cutting boards - disinfect after each use.

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