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Top Cleaning Tips

Get Organized
Save time and energy this spring by streamlining your cleaning routine. Try simple things like making a list and keeping two caddies of cleaning supplies, one upstairs and one downstairs, to make cleaning quick and easy.

Work it in, Work it Out
Maximize your time by working in exercise while working out the dirt and grime. Put the radio on and pump up the volume! Studies show that music actually raises adrenaline levels. Just turn on your favorite tunes and you’ll be cleaning faster without even trying.

A Method to the Madness
Save time and energy by streamlining your cleaning routine. Work clockwise around a room to avoid doing double duty and clean from top to bottom (as dust and dirt will fall). Pick a spot and start cleaning left to right and from top to bottom around the room in one direction. When you’re back to the beginning, pick up your supplies and move to the next room.

Healthy Handiwork
Make it a rule to wear rubber gloves while you clean to protect your skin from the harshness of hot water and drying chemicals, as well as jewelry. You may find it harder to grip things with gloves than it is with bare hands, but look for the newest Spontex Premiere™ reusable gloves that are lightweight but durable, and have a non-slip grip texture to handle the most delicate crystal or glass items.

Create Your Cleaning Code
If you take care of your supplies, they will take care of you. Keep cleaning supplies in order to prevent potentials spills, stains and bacteria. Before you put your supplies away, tighten all bottle tops and squeeze the water out of sponges to ensure proper drying - a wet sponge is a germ-y sponge. For additional insurance, put the sponge in the microwave for about one minute to zap out any potential for bacteria.

Evaluate Results
Evaluate every job you perform. Do you have a mop that will work fast? Are your products eliminating or creating more work in the long run? Look for products that can help create efficiencies while offering healthy benefits for your home.

Make it a family affair!
Get your family involved in cleaning. Make it fun by buying sponges in different colors. Let your children choose which color sponge they’d like to use. Go one step further and assign colors to certain rooms. The sponge color matches the room color and that’s the room they clean!

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