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Cosmetic Cleaning Tips To Give Your Home A Quick Facelift

1. For soiled and dirty stove drip pans buy four brand new ones at Wal-Mart and put on only when company comes over! Cook on the dirty drip pans and keep the new drip pans new, shiny, and handy for company only!

2. Kitchen or bathroom grout dirty and unsightly? For only $2.99 the new bleach pens, can turn grout white again. If your grout is still stained, no problem, just buy the grout white at Home Depot for about $5. Apply on the grout white with the shoe polish applicator let dry and enjoy your new looking bathroom. For kitchen grout, removing it and re-sealing costs only pennies and makes your kitchen grout look new again.

3. Dining table and chairs stained and look crummy? Throw on the new slip covers for the more elegant chairs. For the wooden chairs tying on some seat cushions can do wonders. Fresh flowers in a nice vase with place mats can make even the ugliest table look pretty and inviting.

4. Embarrassed of your shower doors? Just add a pretty shower curtain! It will never get dirty and hide all your grime. Try lemon oil twice per month to get rid of the white chalky look that continues to plague shower doors. For tough hard water stains, KABOOM has no harsh fumes and removes hard water in minutes for about $3 at Wal-Mart.

5. Carpet stains from spills won't clean? For quick company, throw down some new carpet runners and rugs. For a longer term solution, you can now dye your carpet at a fraction of the cost of new carpets.

6. Wood doors nicked up? Just buy the new min-wax stain pens, in just minutes you can cover up most scratches with the matching color. For cabinets that need a face lift, use Min-wax stain with polyurethane built in. In just hours your cabinets can look new and shiny for under $20.

7. Leather or vinyl tears? Now they can be repaired in minutes with leather repair kits you can purchase for a small cost.

8. Hardwood floors look dull and worn? Give them a facelift with the new Bona-Kemi product called Floor Restore. For around $10 a bottle, your hardwood floors can safely get a new finish that you mop on to restore that shine. The product can be found at Ace Hardware.

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