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Cooking Safely This Summer

Ice Chests - Don't eat the ice! How many germs are lurking in your ice chest at the next picnic? Use proper cleaning techniques to prevent against food illness.

Stop burning yourself while barbecuing, new glove protects your hands up to 600 degrees. The Orca silicone glove allows you to move the hot coals to redistribute them. You can also move your food without even using utensils. Just wash the gloves in the dishwasher to keep clean and bacteria free!

Spray Nine Barbecue and Grill Cleaner dissolves grease quickly and also kills salmonella and e-coli in seconds. Get peace of mind when eating off the barbecue.

Keep bugs from landing on your cooking utensils! Barbecue apron that holds barbecue tools on you! Washable apron not only conveniently holds tools, to stop insects from flying on them, it also folds up into a shoulder tote for easy carrying.

No more Charcoal mess! Pick up a Kaddy Charcoal Dispenser for $19.99. This new plastic container protects charcoal from weather conditions, keeps it dry and easy to reach in for more coals, and also provides less lifting. Click here for more details:

Stop barbecue food waste with a grill topper! New metal screen prevents food from falling between grill grate. No more pieces falling to the flame never to be eaten again!

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