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Is Your Home A Danger To Your Family?

Nearly everyone acknowledges indoor air pollution to be a problem, but why should you care and what can be done about it? A lot can be done to make our homes healthier and safer for our families – and the steps to take are easy.

Another environmental debate in the home is energy conservation. While airtight doors and windows will save you heating and cooling costs, they also trap hazardous pollutants inside for your family to breathe. Take the time to make sure your heating and cooling systems properly ventilate. The proper filter will eliminate dirt, dust mites and other airborne particles that contaminate indoor air. In addition, clean the ducts in your home to heighten energy conservation. This will help the ventilation unit run more efficiently.

Another strategy to achieve healthy indoor air quality is to utilize tile and linoleum in heavy traffic areas. Allergy-causing dust and dirt brought into the home get trapped in carpet fibers. Where you have carpet, use a vacuum with HEPA filtration. Another collector of dirt and dust is heavy curtains. By using light curtains or blinds, you can help eliminate dust from hard-to-clean fabrics that might spur an allergic reaction.

Awareness of poor air quality and the effort to improve it within your home will not only potentially save you money, but also reduce your chance of illness and your family’s susceptibility to indoor allergens and biological contaminants.

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