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Cleaning Shortcuts For Holiday Cooking

By Laura Dellutri, Healthy Housekeeper, for Cooking Light Magazine

  1. Clean out refrigerator, make room for trays and larger items. Store all glass jars (mayo, pickles, mustard, etc.) that take a lot of room in vegetable or meat drawers, you will be surprised at how much extra room you have and how organized your refrigerator is! Now there will be plenty of room for all the Holiday foods you cook up!
  2. Make and freeze as much food ahead of time as possible. Use a food sealer like Tilia Food Saver as it keeps your food fresh 3-5 times fresher than other conventional storage methods. If you do not have a sealer use ziplock bags or plastic storage containers this will still help save yourself time and stress when you are down to the wire and the company is coming.
  3. Cover stove top drip pans with foil prior to cooking up a storm, so cleanup is as easy as removing the foil.
  4. Before cooking, start a sink full of hot soapy dishwater and place all cooked and baked dishwater and pans in there as you use! Let soak, to make cleaning a breeze.
  5. Use foil chafing dishes to serve food. Not only does it make your buffet line look elegant and organized, it makes clean up easier. You can purchase the serving stands for about $3 at a Sam's and the foil trays with lids for about $3 also. Then purchase some chafing fuel cans, you can light underneath to keep food warm, so you don't stress about the temperature and food staying hot, giving you time to enjoy the party and mingle wth your guests.
Storing food in serving containers, truly helps avoid stacks and stacks of dishes to be cleaned after the party!

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