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Cleaning Safety Tips For Kids

  • Educate your child about safety hazards in the home
  • Teach children the importance of cleaning for health
    • Always read product labels
    • Importance of wearing gloves
    • Dangers of harsh fumes and proper ventilation
    • Toxic gas formed by bleach and ammonia
    • Dangers of product spills on clothes and carpets
    • Pet issue, the importance of lid safety after using
    • Vacuum bag changing, and what not to vacuum
    • Salmonella and e-coli on surfaces
    • Mixing chemicals, the harsh realities
    • Ruining surfaces by scratching or using harsh products
  • Use the “tell, show, do” method to avoid mishaps
    • Tell the child about the task, supplies needed and why, and how to do it
    • Show the child the exact way you want it done
    • Do, let the child do the task while you are watching, check work, repeat if necessary
  • Make tasks age appropriate-many cleaning accidents occur because children are trying to mimic the parent, yet they do not understand the dangers.
    • 3-5 years old - stick with dusting, loading dishes, light jobs for short attention span
    • 6-10 years old - move up to folding towels, wall washing spot cleaning walls, washing baseboards
    • 10-16 years old - train on product usage, safety label reading and they can move into mopping, restroom cleaning, spot cleaning, kitchen sanitation etc.
    • 16+ Your child should have all the basic fundamentals on cleaning a home!

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