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Preparing For The Cold Winter Months

Summer is on it's way out and already we can imagine the cold winter days ahead. Before it gets too cold it's best to prepare your house for the winter months ahead by doing these 10 simple things. Being Proactive with your home during the fall, can enable you to have a safe healthy, and warm winter.

1. Check all doors and windows for air flow and cracks. Use weather stripping to keep cold air out.

2. Clean all guttering for proper flow of water run off in winter months. Check down spouts for debris and put down spouts as far away from your home, so they will drain without letting water into your basement.

3. Have all furnaces and heating systems inspected, serviced and ready to go before the cold hits.

4. Change all filters for furnaces, and air purifiers.

5. Store or cover all patio furniture and grills. Clean off summer's grime first.

6. Remove all cobwebs, insects left in window sills and light fixtures from the summer months.

7. Have all sprinkler systems drained and turned off for winter. Check all pipes for leaks and exposure to the cold.

8. Purchase all winter equipment if needed, shovels, ice melt prior to a storm.

9. Be prepared with an emergency kit in case of a power outage. Keep food, water, blankets, flashlights, radios and medications.

10. Invest in a generator or Kerosene heater for those emergencies.

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