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Top 5 Tips To Make A Great Impression For Holiday Guests

1. Visually Clean Your Home from the front door to the inside. Start at the front entry. Act as if you are a guest entering your home. What looks messy? Cluttered? Are your pillows and magazines straightened? A 10 minute pick-up and straightening of your home can make your house look clean and organized. For a 5 minute bathroom clean try an all purpose cleaner and sanitizer on your bathroom mirrors, sinks, counters, and stool, for a sparkling clean and fresh smelling bathroom.

2. Have a nice aroma to welcome guests. If your house smells like pets, dirty diapers or old fish, it will assault your guests’ nasal passages at the front door. Have aromatic candles, cinnamon cooking in a pan of water on low on the stove, or an air purifier that runs quietly without disturbing the environment, while offering a pleasant clean smell. If you have pets your home may smell good to you but not your guests!  Spray Febreze on all your soft surfaces like carpeting furniture, pet spots to eliminate the odors at their core.

3. Have a Festive table to set the mood. Pull out all the stops including a nice table cloth, holiday center centerpiece, your best glassware, silverware and dishes. Check all place settings prior to putting on the table and make sure they are sparkling clean. A sure way to make a bad impression for your guests is having them sit down to a place setting with a dirty fork or a chalky white glass. If you find your glassware has a white chalky look that will not come clean, that is a tell tale sign that your glasses are etched. Etching is a permanent cloudiness on glassware that comes from repeated dishwasher use and soft water. Using Cascade with Shine Shield will help neutralize the harsh effects of the dishwasher while still keeping your glasses looking sparkling clean.

4. Make Your Guests Comfortable.
Nothing is worse than having a plateful of food and having to stand to eat, because all the chairs are taken. Have plenty of chairs, inviting areas for conversations, extra bar stools for people to feel comfortable and keep the kids at the kid table if possible! The big box retailers have affordable folding tables and chairs that can make every guest have a proper place to dine.

5. Clean up as you go. Nothing looks worse than an unsightly kitchen with pots and pans piled everywhere. Get your dishes out of the way before the company comes, have the dishwasher empty as a quick way to clear the dirty dishes and make way for dessert. If your dishwasher is disgusting give it a quick cleaning with dishwasher magic It's a great idea to keep a box of Mr. Clean disinfecting wipes ( I love the ones with t he scent of Febreze) handy to keep countertops, stovetops, and the kitchen sink looking clean and shiny in just seconds!

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