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Newlyweds Advice For Dibbying Up The Chores And Avoiding Squabbling Over The To-Do List

  1. Figure out what you're each best  at. Focus on your strengths, compromise on  your weak areas.  One may love outdoor chores,  gardening and the other may love indoor work.  Sit  down and make a list and let each one pick what they want to  do.  For items you both really hate or don't have time  to do like lawn mowing, cleaning bathrooms, you may want to  hire an outside person to come in and do them for you.   If you are on a tight budget, you may not have a choice.
  2. Work smarter not Harder with tools  that can do the chores easier and faster than ever  before.   Look for cleaning tools  that make the household chores easier.  Save time  dusting by using a swiffer duster that traps and locks dust  and dirt in seconds.  Use an automatic shower cleaner  to keep your showers from building up with soap scum.   Use mops that do not require buckets of water-- to save even  more time.  Purchase automatic bowl cleaners that keep  toilets clean and take the gross out of the job!  
  3. Discuss Expectations to avoid getting on each  other's nerves.  What is your "dirt tolerance  level?"  How long can you really let that grass grow  before it's time to mow?  Who is going to do the  weeds?  What about trash?  How about  cooking?  Is that a shared responsibility?  If one  person takes on the cooking is the other person up to  helping with clean up and dishes?
  4. Stay focused on marriage  priorities.    Keep in mind, no  matter where you live or who you live with life is messy  and we do have to clean it up!  Some spouses never had to  do chores, others were just never taught how to clean the  right way, some may struggle with laziness, Prioritize and  hang in there and be open about the way you feel and look for  solutions to the issues as they  arise.

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