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2009 Top Ten Calorie BURN list

 2009 Top Ten Calorie BURN list 

Multi task two-three things at once this year! Start off 2009 with an attitude that you are accomplishing 3 things at once, cleaning/organizing/exercising.


Give more kisses to people in between your daily chores! Kisses burn 5 calories per minute!


Bend your knees and add in squats while dusting. High dust mid dust and low dust. Bend at the knees, back straight when going up and down. 120 calories for every 30 minutes of dusting. Bending at the knees and increasing your heart rate, plan on 150 calories every 30 minutes. Try to do 20-50 knee bends.


Unload the groceries and lift weights at the same time. Lift your gallon of milk 10 times on each arm before putting away. A gallon of milk weighs 8.5 lbs. approximately. Try to do 20-50 reps. If you cannot lift 8.5 lbs start with can goods that weigh two pounds and build yourself up to 10 lb potatoes.


Vacuum in corn rows, speed up the pace. Let's step it up a notch, breaking into a sweat while vacuuming is a good thing! Burn 90-100 calories per 30 minutes. If you have stairs run up them 3-6 times to burn an extra 10-50 calories.


Mopping floors with a mop and a few dance steps. Add in a little dance step or two with some music burn 50-75 calories for every 30 minutes of mopping.


Jog it into it's place. When organizing and putting stuff away, take the extra initiative and jog it into place. Run it up the stairs. Lift those knees high like a soldier step when walking from room to room. Make every step an extra calorie burn!


Sprint your clutter away like an obstacle course. Set the timer for 10 minute sprints. Grab that laundry basket and run from room to room removing clutter, stuff from the floor, and organize along the way! Get your heart rate up, take a breather and start again. 100-150 calories for every 30 minutes.


Turn your dirty laundry into a skinnier you! Stand and do not sit while folding laundry. Make exaggerated movements, bending stretching and hanging. Add 5 reps to each. When placing hanging clothes into closet lift 5-10 times with 4-10 articles of clothing before putting on the closet pole. Burn 100+ calories for every 30 minutes of laundry.


Organize your items in clear plastic bins. Mark the outside clearly with black magic market. Pack away the stuff you don't need, summer clothes, Xmas decorations, seasonal items. Fill and lift each plastic bin 10-20 times before putting away keep back straight. Burn 100 calories every 30 minutes with knee bends incorporated in.

Excerpted from Our Lady of Weight Loss:

Calories burned per hour:

Cooking / 80 (No tasting while cooking!)
Ironing / 60
Mopping Floors / 110
Rearranging Furniture / 200
Scrubbing Floors / 200
Vacuuming / 85
Washing Dishes (By hand.) / 60
Washing Windows /150

Calories burned per minute:

Washing the Car by Hand / 6
Washing Dishes / 3
Vacuuming / 3
Dusting / 4
Rearranging Furniture / 9
Folding Laundry & / 3
Putting Away
General Straightening / 9
Raking the Leaves / 7
Pushing the Lawn Mower / 6
Grocery Shopping (pushing the cart)/ 5
Gardening /4
Kissing / 5

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