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Valentine's Day Cleaning Tips For The Day After Cleaning!

Kiss those messes good-bye!

Romantic dinners, lipstick on his collar, a little champagne spill on your dress, and chocolate strawberry stains on your sheets?.....

....Have fun, enjoy the night and whatever you do --Don't stress out! Cleaning up after a party for two can be easy!

Laura Dellutri, The Healthy Housekeeper and author of her new book Speed Cleaning 101 (published by Meredith books) has all the PRE and POST Valentine's Day cleaning tips to make your big romantic date night a non-cleaning nightmare!

Before the Date Drama:

Haven't got the house clean and your date will be there in 30 minutes?
No problem -- follow Laura's 5 tips that will get your house a spruce up clean in just 30 minutes!

After the Date Drama:

Candle Wax -- Drips on your carpet, furniture or tablecloth can stress out even the most seasoned lady. Relax, an orange oil cleaner, hot steamer, or plastic putty knife can remove candle wax in just seconds!

Lipstick -- A little lipstick on the collar, never hurt anyone. Getting the kisses off can be easy. Regular laundry detergent rubbed into the lipstick can remove the stain, easily. rub with a little water, rinse, and it's gone!

Chocolate -- Cold water only does a great job, add a little pretreat before the washer with a prewash stain remover. Use a bleach pen for stains on white cottons, that tend to be a little more stubborn!

Beverages -- A little club soda on the dress means you may or may not have to take it off at that time! For wine, soft drinks, coffee, and tea - Run under cold water.

Fireplace soot on the walls or mantle -- Black soot can look a little unsightly, but it can still wait until the morning. A dry chemical sponge (around $2 at hardware stores) removes black soot in seconds, wipe clean with a mild dish detergent!

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