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Great Tips For Patio Cleaning And Storage This Fall!

Patio furniture most often becomes the centerpiece for all of you summer outdoor barbecues, parties, and much more. When entertaining, guests flock to the outdoor table lined with food and the chairs surrounding friends and family. It turns your backyard into your dining room for the season. With all the wear and tear outdoor furniture takes, it is imperative that you properly clean and store your furniture over the fall and winter months. In order to have this furniture for years to come without needing to restore or worse, replace them every year, you need to take good care of them. After all, you don't want your guests sitting in the grass next summer! Here are some great tips to keep in mind this fall!  


Many people will just simply pull their patio furniture into the garage for the autumn and following seasons. SORRY FOLKS! It's not that easy. Leaving furniture dirty can ultimately damage it and most of all make it much more difficult to clean when you pull it back out for summer. Cleaning your outdoor furniture isn't hard and it will most definitely prolong the life of your furniture. I recommend that you use an easy wipe. Goo-Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner Wipes are extremely effective on cutting through built up outdoor dirt. I personally love the wipes because it saves time and rag washing! It easily wipes away mildew stains, tree sap, and suntan lotion without harming plants or pets. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. Goo-Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner Wipes work wonders on awnings, cushions, umbrellas, decks, resin, wicker, and plastic.

For an inexpensive price of only $6.99 you can get a great product.

Visit the Goo-Gone site at for purchasing information.


I am going to share a little secret with you that is going to allow you to have brand new looking furniture for next year with out spending any money…. WASH YOUR CUSHIONS! Fabrics and cushion on patio furniture often become dull because of  outdoor dirt.  Most furniture with fabric and cushions will have a special finish to repel damaging liquids, mold and mildew. Yet, excessive dirt can leave your cushions looking UCKY! With an easy scrub and hose down outside, you'll have your furniture looking brand new in no time. I have found the easiest and  fastest way to clean the cushions is to do the following:  Mix ¼ Cup X2 Ultra Tide with 2 Gallons of warm water. Scrub lightly with a sponge over the cushions (rough scrubbing may break the protective seal). Thoroughly hose down and leave the cushions leaning upward on a side to dry fast.



It's time to make room for your patio furniture! It’s understandable if you don’t have a special reserved location for your patio furniture’s winter storage. Nobody does! But you are going to have to attempt  to make some room.  Indoor storage is best for all outdoor furnishings.  It will significantly prolong the life of your furniture by storing it in a garage, shed, or other storage area. Make a generalized area for it and stack it properly if necessary.  I also recommend tying bed sheets over the furniture with a bungee cord to keep out any creeper crawlers that may damage it.   Keep in mind mice can turn your favorite patio cushion into a five star resort!  Some mice traps or sticky pads for mice may be a good idea!

So if you came to the conclusion that you cannot store you outdoor furniture inside because you are, let say, "spatially challenged" then I have another solution.  The Cover Store carries Covermate, which are high quality outdoor covers at a very reasonable price. The great thing is that you'll be able to use them year after year and you won’t ever have to move you patio furniture again! Most covers run between $13.00-$20.00 and they have a size for virtually every piece of furniture.

Visit The Cover Store at to find the covers that will work best for you.

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