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5 Hot New Pet Tips!

1.  Pet accidents on the carpet-  first thing blot up or pick up as much of the liquid you can.   Pour cold water and a few drops of mild detergent into the cup.  Stir.  Pour ¼ to ½ cup of water directly on spot.  Get a folded dry towel and fold into a small square, place on top of spot and then step on towel repeatedly picking up all liquid from carpet and pad in the towel.  Use Mary Ellen’s Urine Trouble to clean and eliminate and urine odors.

2.  Airborne allergens and Pet dander--this is nothing to sneeze about if you are the type of person who struggles with pet hair.  I have tried just about every gizmo made to find the best ways to clean the air.  Spray Febreeze allergen reducer on all types of fabric, cushions, couches, pet beds, carpets etc..Febreeze can reduce airborne allergens by 75% just by spraying it on the for less pet hair sticking to your clothing use Bounce sheets in the dryer they repel pet hair and lint.

3.  Yard waste-- That old bend over  and pick up the dog poo with the plastic bag trick has become obsolete!  Stop doing it!  Try one of these two items The Poop Posse or the Poop Claw they are the touch less poop picker upper.  I am in love!

4.  Pet’s paws tracking in mud, dirt, and wetness.  Of course your pampered pet is going to make a bee line for the soppy wet mud puddle!  Wouldn’t you?  New pet paw wipes re phenomenal.  You can give your dog’s  or cat’s paws a 15 second wipe, and that will really help keep your floors and carpets clean.

 5.  Pet hair on furniture, and clothing.  Your family pet may not be the only one coughing up fur balls.  I suggest the Shark motorized hand vac for quick cleaning of pet hair .It’s motorized brush blows really pick up the hair from surfaces.( and to prevent hairballs Lickables nutritional gel  For quick vacs on floors I suggest the swiffer sweeper vac…it works fast on all types of floors

6.  Pets with the worst mess diarrhea (for people too!)  We all know what this feels like, can you imagine how your pet feels?  Soothables K.P.A.D. is the perfect Kaolin Pectin Anti-Diarrheal medicine.  www.

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