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Cell Phones Are Dirtier Than WHAT!?

Do you consider yourself a clean person?  I mean, a generally clean person.  You shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands, and wear clean clothing. You’re not a person that would put their face to a toilet everyday, are you? Well, I hate to break it to you but if you have a cell phone you are! Don’t feel alone. I too, the Healthy Housekeeper, have been using a recent study by microbiologist Dr. Gerba, revealed that not only are cell phones totally infested with bacteria and germs but they even have more than your toilet! Bacteria and germs love warm places like your face, hands, and pocket or purse to infest and grow on your cellular device. Ewwww! It’s very gross to think you have been putting something so filthy up to your ear ,cheek, and mouth everyday for so long. Here are some tips to clean the gross stuff currently renting space on your cell and prevent it from coming back. " 


Mr. Clean Power WipesWithout your permission, there is a massive civilization of germ and bacteria living amongst your cell phone’s buttons, speakers, microphone, etc. So what to do? So many little piece of your phone and the fact that you need to be delicate with it because, let’s face it, cell phones are expensive and annoying to replace. There are two things I recommend to get your phone cleaned and sanitized. You don’t want to use anything that will cause water damage to your phone or its tiny pieces and wires.  If you have gunk and goop or dust and dirt stuck within the keys, use a Q-tip very gently with a little (less than a drop) of alcohol on it to clean it out. Then use my new favorite product, Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipes to lightly disinfect your phone and then promptly dry with a cloth or paper towel (make sure not to “scrub” as that may allow moisture to get into your phone). 

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Make-up, dirt, oils, and other daily dirties all come in contact with your cellular, work, and home phones. Maintaining all of your phones will ultimately prolong the life of them and stop the transferring of germs.  Rubbing alcohol is a great way for keeping a clean phone clean.  I know that my make-up will often smear off of my cheek and onto my phone.  With a cotton swab and a light spray of rubbing alcohol I can easily wipe it off. Phones in the work place and home are also very important to keep clean as they are generally used by more than one person. A quick wipe down with an antibacterial wipe will surely help from passing along the common cold or even just other peoples germs. Dermatologist Dr. Maral Frevno, reported that acne and blockage is much higher in places along the cheek where a phone is pressed.  Really gross when you think about it.  Cleaning your phone every few days will help build-up from forming and it will keep your hands, face, and ears clean.

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