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Lead in Toys?! Tips On How To Keep Your Children Safe From Lead

The recent recall of children’s toys containing an excessive amount of lead in the paint sent scare and panic into the hearts of parents across the country.  With the ever so popular preschool toys like Dora the Explorer, Diego, Elmo, and Big Bird, Fisher-Price recalled over 1 million toys sold between the months of June and August 2007. At the announcement of the recall, parents everywhere began a frantic dig through toy boxes and in play areas. With lead poisoning’s effects being cumulative it is important to remove tainted toys from children. Here are some tips to assure that your children and entire family are protected from the very scary LEAD.


First instinct is to grab the entire toy box and promptly bring it to the dumpster. Don’t do this! Being a parent, I know that it can be scary when things like this happen but being calm about it is normally the best strategy.  I recommend to most definitely take away all toys until you know which ones are safe.  There is a rather extensive list that you can find at Mattel which will tell in detail and product number the more recently recalled products. It may take time to sort through toys but it will be worth it and you’ll avoid throwing out all your child’s favorites and your money.  Always keep an eye on the latest news and research your children’s toys as there are recalls rather regularly.  Local grocers and superstores will normally keep a bulletin board with recall listings in their customer service center.  Try to keep and eye out for them!


Lead testing isn't something that takes a rocket scientist to do. That's why it is so very simple and important that you have a lead testing kit in your home.  Lead is not only found in your children’s toys.  Not to scare you but, lead is a toxic substance found in 57 million households. Making sure one of those households isn't yours is imperative.  With the rise in recalling of lead infested toys, Homax Products, Inc. launched a web site called which offers a very inexpensive and easy to use LeadCheck kit. LeadCheck instantly checks for lead on any surface making it accessible, fast, and simple. The site offers a detailed list of things that should be checked and exactly how to check them. For more information visit

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