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Hot New Products For Your Furry Companions!

Let’s face it our pets are like children and we certainly do treat them that way.  The spoiled pet craze has swept America and dogs and cats are jumping for joy! Our pets show love and companionship and I have recently found some products that make it easy and fun for you to do the same.

 "I'm Bored, Woof Woof!"-  Pets become very familiar with squeaky plush toys and rubber balls. So familiar that they often bore of them. Get your pet a new exciting toy that will keep their attention for hours. The PLAYSER by DOGMATIC is the perfect toy for felines and canines. It’s the world’s first pet laser toy with integrated multiple images, a butterfly, heart and bug just to name a few. Your pet will love to chase around the laser image and they won’t even know that they are getting a workout at the same time!

Why Do Dogs Love Popcorn So Much?  Whenever I make a bag of popcorn my dog sits in front of the microwave in a still stare with drool from his mouth to the floor.  His eyes get bigger with every pop! Now I no longer have to share my bowl of freshly popped corn with my dog because I can make him one of his own!  WoofyPOP by DOGMATIC is an instant microwaveable popcorn with natural “dog-friendly” flavors that are 100% Dog APPROVED! It’s a great treat substitute for your dog because it is low fat and also has all natural ingredients. A doggy must have!

"No Mom! Not The Bath, Meow!"  For those of you who have pets that hate bathing (especially cats) I have the perfect solution. Arthur the Dog’s CLEAN TEAM has the tool to keep your dogs clean, PET WIPES!

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