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Take the Fever Fear Factor this Cold & Flu Season!

by Laura Dellutri

Young parents should have a good understanding of fever and safe, accurate temperature taking, as well as the risk of fever in a newborn and that in older infants and children. Young moms should overcome the “fever fear factor” by learning how to take temperature correctly and know when it’s important to call to the pediatrician. It is somewhat of a misconception that normal body temperature is defined as 98.6°F since everyone’s body temperature actually fluctuates normally during the course of any given day --- generally rising a bit in the afternoon and evening. Whereas fevers during a baby’s first few months of life may be caused by common cold viruses, newborns run the small, but real risk of having a more serious underlying infection. The younger the infant, the less prepared the immune system is to fight infection and the more seriously an elevated temperature should be taken. Therefore, any young infant with a fever should be brought to the immediate attention of a doctor. Most pediatricians recommend taking temperature rectally for at least the first several months, if not the first year.

Here are some great ideas for reducing Fever Fear Factor :

Easier-to-Read Thermometers
One of the first things new parents need to learn is how to interpret the meaning of their child’s temperature. Vicks digital thermometers with Fever Insight feature a large color-changing display to help parents know when things are getting better or worse at a glance. The display changes color from “ok” (green) to “mild fever” (yellow) to “high fever” (red), and back down again. For use orally, rectally or under the arm, the Vicks SpeedRead Insight Thermometer and Vicks ComfortFlex InSight Thermometer take accurate readings in as few as 8 seconds and feature a large, circular display for easy reading. Even middle-of-the-night readings are made easier by a convenient back light. Both of these thermometers are waterproof for easy cleaning, and have memory recall to help moms keep track as fevers progress. These thermometers travel well and are perfect for Dad's diaper bag - he'll love the digital light-changing display!

Available for $9-$14 at major retailers and drug chains nationwide.

Now Moms Can Trust Their Ear Thermometer
Moms (and kids) prefer to take temperature readings in the ear because it’s the easiest and quickest method. With innovative ExacTemp technology and a flashing light guidance system that ensures proper placement, moms can now trust their ear thermometer to give an accurate reading every time! The Braun ThermoScan ExacTemp Ear Thermometer is the fastest and most accurate way to take an ear temperature measurement – even in the middle of the night with a squirmy, sick child. This advanced thermometer features the same reliable ThermoScan technology used by pediatricians and hospitals for accurate readings in seconds. Proven more accurate than rectal1 and temple2 measurements, the Braun ThermoScan ExacTemp Ear Thermometer is the ideal choice for first-time parents. It’s a great baby registry item and shower gift for new moms stocking their nursery.

Available for $39.99-$49.99 at major retailers, drug chains and baby stores nationwide.

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