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Entertaining With Ease through the Holidays!

By Laura Dellutri

Entertaining with EASE!
The holidays are upon us and if you are one of the millions of Americans wondering how you are going to balance the cooking, cleaning, and entertaining without losing your mind- or collapsing to the floor, RELAX.  This month’s tips can really help  offer you some short cuts to entertaining both the in-laws and the outlaws this holiday season!

Tip #1 Problem: You have no clue on what to cook, let alone create ambience in your home!

Take a deep breath and check out the website below.   Menus and Music is the brainchild of Sharron O’Connor a cellist who loves great food, beautiful music and the perfect ambience when entertaining.  Sharon created a  box that includes menus, recipes, shopping lists and a CD that provides music to compliment the menu. She shows clever recipes and plays CD. The Cocktail Hour: Sharon O’Connor’s Menus and Music Productions

Tip #2 Problem: You have overnight guests and your guest room/bedding smells like old socks!

Solution: Clean your bedding a few days before with Tide Pure Essentials with lily or  lavender  scents.  Tide Pure Essentials uses two tried and true ingredients baking soda and citrus extracts.  Then the day before they come slide a Bounce sheet with Pure Essentials under the pillow case!  They will feel pampered and immersed in luxury!

Tip #3 Problem: there is one thing party guests struggle with, it is how to juggle both their drink and their plate of hors d'oeuvres while trying to mingle and socialize with others. And who hasn't put down their drink for a minute to shake a friend's hand, only to lose track of it on a table with dozens of others?  Perfect for kids, holds any size glass!

Solution: The Social Plate solves this dilemma, allowing stemware or cans to sit inside the plate. The plate can be held comfortably with either hand, keeping the other free for a handshake and your beverage secure from spills. The recyclable plate even saves on clean-up time.

Tip# 4  Problem: Guests dropping food like chips cookies and other crumbs on the floor.

Don’t waste time getting a broom and look like a neurotic cleaner.  Pull out the Swiffer Sweeper Vac. It is batter operated so there is no cord for guests to trip on and it takes only seconds to clean.   Best part about using a Swiffer Sweeper Vac?  You don’t have to ever bend down with a dustpan and broom again and you get a better clean!

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