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NO STRESS Entertaining TIPS!

By Laura Dellutri

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed when entertaining, especially if your goal is to put on the perfect party. If you start to feel like you can't get everything done, you may be over-working and over-cleaning when you don't need to. Take a minute to read these helpful tips from Laura Dellutri that will guarantee your holidays are a delight.

1. Focus on what guests will see Spend your time on the rooms your company will visit. Don't worry about cleaning the closets and organizing the drawers. No one will see inside. Focus on the things your company will see like dust. Instead of a traditional feather duster, use a Swiffer duster with Febreeze that will not only bust the dust but leave a fresh scent behind.

 2. Prepare guest rooms a week before your holiday party You don't want to be stuck washing bedding on the day of your party. Use a fragrant detergent like Tide Pure Essentials with baking soda and white lilac that will not only leave a wonderful scent but the baking powder will brighten and freshen your laundry for years to come. For extra freshness the day before guests arrive, put a fabric softener sheet in between the sheets and your guests will feel pampered and immersed in luxury.

3. Guarantee dirt and grime stays on the outside Get mats for your front door and entry before the party. Eighty-five percent of the dirt tracked into your home, comes in on the bottom of shoes. An 8-foot-by-10 foot mat will ensure shoes hit the mat at least six times so visitors won't bring outside grime indoors.

4. Add shine to your floors A clean sparkling floor shows guests your home is a safe place to nibble on holiday goodies. Instead of going the mop and bucket route, use a Swiffer Wet Jet, which will give you a better clean.

5. Shiny fixtures will impress your guests Shiny says clean to holiday guests so make sure to go to work with a glass cleaner and dry microfiber cloth. Spray all your metal and glass surfaces then buff them dry to a high shine with the dry cloth.

6. Vacuum only high traffic areas where your company will be To save time vacuuming, focus on high traffic areas your company will see. No one will be inspecting the carpet corners.

7. Say good-bye to dish pan hands and use cooking spray To make sure dishwashing is fast and easy and your hands stay soft and moisturized, spray every pan, pot, and piece of bake ware with cooking spray before you cook.

8. Spruce up the bathroom There's no need to deep clean every inch of your bathroom. Use Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Disinfecting Wipes (in the blue box) to clean the sink, counters, fixtures and toilet in record time. Use the wipes -- which are 30 percent stronger than other wipes -- like you would a cloth.

9. Kitchen details do matter- At holiday parties, guests congregate in the kitchen before and after the party. So it's a good idea to pay attention to the little details. For unsightly dirty dishwashers use Dishwasher Magic to remove lime scale, rust and food particles. For stinky garbage disposals use Disposer Care to remove odors and the grunge that clings to the blades. These simple steps will make your kitchen look and smell better in minutes.

10. Make sure the only odors in your home are aromatic and fresh Your guests will judge your home by the way it looks and smells. If you have pets, make sure pet odors don't greet your guests at the door. Change litter boxes, use an air purifier and light a Febreeze Odor Eliminating Candle. They have an odor eliminating core that will help eliminate pet odors while releasing a fresh scent.

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