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4 Organizing Tips for 2008 That will Change Your Life!

By Laura Dellutri

Are you  a clutterbug who just can’t get motivated to clean and organize your home?  If so, take heart you are not alone.  Many of us just continue to procrastinate the organizing until it reaches outlandish proportions!   By then we are just way too overwhelmed to even start cleaning  let alone organize. 

But what if your cleaning and organizing could help change the life of a young mother who has no clothes to wear to a job interview?  What if a small child could get to hug one of your child’s neglected stuffed toys?  What if your husband’s old coat was worn by a homeless veteran.  Would that create a sense of urgency to clean and organize so you could give joy to others in a life changing way?  I think so and  in 2008 I challenge you to give away your excess and clean and organize along the way!

Clean out The Closets!
Motivator#1  Give to a Woman’s abuse shelter
  Give all the womanly stuff you don’t use to a woman’s shelter!
Business attire, shoes, pantyhose even make up, perfume, old lipsticks, lingerie, and curling irons you don’t need or use can mean everything to a woman who fled who home with nothing.

Get Rid of The Kid’s Old Toys!
Motivator #2     Give to an Orphanage or Children’s Crisis Center
Take all the children’s abandoned toys and donate them to a place where that toy could light up a child’s eyes.

Clean out the Garage!
Motivator #3   Give to  the Salvation Army
Your old tools, tent, broken lawn mower can actually be repaired and used by those in need.

Get rid of the clutter!
Motivator#4   Give to the Church Garage Sale
Do you really need all those vases, old picture frames and nick knacks that continue to collect dust?  How about the food processor and old coffee pot you never use?  They need to go.

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