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Take a Deep Breath…Innovative Ways to Breath Easier in and outside Your Home

by Laura DellutriHenry

It was just a few years ago when the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) announced that the indoor air you breath can be 3-5 more times contaminated than outdoor air.  Just when we were all thinking pollution limited itself to the outdoors we find out the buildings we work and live in may actually be making us sick.  For years the buzz words, “Sick Building Syndrome”  Toxic Mold, and air quality were constantly in the news.   So what can you do to breathe easier in your home?  I suggest focusing on the air you breath in and outside your home. 

Today’s savvy consumers are inundated with all types of new and ingenious ways to breath easier in and outside your home.  Here’s some products that I found to be very helpful.

For Inside Your Home:

Swizz-style offers a very discreet and unobtrusive air purifier known as Henry. The HENRY Air Purifier from Swizz Style is slim and unobtrusive like a butler, while doing his utmost to quietly purify the air. His modern five-stage filter stops all unwanted particles from getting through, leaving you with cleaner, fresher air!

HENRY has an automatic shut-off function and is very silent. Free yourself from the dirty air in your home with the Henry Air purifier from Swizz-Style. 

O2-B Portable Oxygen BarFor Inside and Outside Your Home:

Clean Your Personal Air with the O2-B® Portable Oxygen Bar. In your office, or at the gym working out - the possibilities are endless. The number of places that you can use this amazing oxygen bar are up to you. Not only can it give you energy and rejuvenate you, but it also gives you purer air to breath. The O2-B ® Portable Oxygen Bar increases energy, stamina, concentration and alertness. Promotes relaxation and rejuvenates athletes, helps breathing in higher elevations and in city environments. The O2-B® Portable Oxygen Bar is a wonderful break from the everyday pollutants in our air. The freshest air will keep you feeling like you never have before.

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