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3 WAYS TO Re-Connect Busy Families

by Laura Dellutri

Today’s  busy families keep up a  hectic pace just trying to  get to work on time, shuffle kids back and forth from sporting events and keep up social obligations.  It’s no secret families do start to feel disconnected just trying to keep up a busy pace. Here are some suggestions that can help get your family back on track! 

Tip #1  Cook Together More.  There is no greater bonding experience for parents and children than to cook together.  That is why I love the Pizza Dome so much!  It is the only authentic, portable brick oven. PIZZADOME is compact enough to fit into any kitchen, but it still delivers big brick oven taste.  Involve your children, invite friends and family and sit around the table to prepare personal individual pizzas with an endless number of creations. Chop it, Top it, Bake it, Enjoy it! Check out PIZZADOME's specifications sheet here.

Tip #2 Clean Together.   Parents that teach their kids to be clean and organized actually learn to work as a team and that  keeps family connected

That is why I love the ZipBin® Small Town Playset PLAY, ZIP, GO!™

  • The Toy Chest That’s Also A Toy™

This small village activity center works well for cars, trucks, planes, trains and construction equipment. A special feature is the “parking lot” (elasticized pockets) for storing lots of small cars under the lid.

  • When play is done, the Playscape™ becomes a toy bin in a zip, capturing the toys inside for easy clean up! This Playset includes four cars.

Features include colorful, durable wipe-clean surfaces, sturdy heavy duty zippers, lid fasteners, clear label holder for identifying contents, handles, and the bin is stackable, portable and collapses flat for storage. (retail price is $19.99 with toys and $17.99 w/o toys)

 Tip #3 Play Together.  Forget those video games where the kids ignore you and tune you out when talking to them!  My family is hooked on Nintendo Wii and everyone plays together as a family.  Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest most innovative video games on the market today.  Unlike other games the whole family can bowl, golf, play baseball it’s true interactive play at it’s best! around $249.00

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