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Summer BBQ Tips You Canít Live Without!

By Laura Dellutri

Every year during the summer months my husband and I love to entertain.  My husband’s hobby is Barbecuing, specializing in smoking meats that are so delicious and tantalizing the aromas alone will cause you to gain weight.  I am so glad he chose Barbecuing over a Golf hobby and he has made me his official sampler!  Some of you know I am just minutes away from Kansas City and everyone here BBQ’s and has a smoker in their backyard!  Kansas Citians can cook up some Barbecue and let me tell you with all the competitions going on in this city, people take Barbecuing very seriously in my neck of the woods. 

Unfortunately, food borne illnesses from Barbecuing are on the rise in summer months because of improper food handling and cross contamination.  This year I have found some great new products and gadgets to make your next BBQ party a success and keep everyone healthy.  Here are the four top reasons people get sick and how you can prevent it from happening to you and your guests!!

Tip #1
Start off With a Clean, Sanitary Grill and Counter Area
A BBQ grill can be covered with e-coli and Salmonella and we may not even know it!  Burn the grill at the highest heat for 10 minutes to kill germs or buy a grill cleaner/spray that kills e-coli and salmonella before cooking! Grill Cleaner and Restoration Kit $19.99

Tip #2
Keep Hot Food HOT! 
Food left sitting out can start to grow bacteria causing food borne illnesses.  Don’t let food sit out for over 2 hours and in hotter temperatures like 80 degrees only one hour. New Ronco Chef-N-Go can keep foods hot for 24 hours in the carry crock pot.  $119.00 Laura also brings new Wave Box portable microwave $199

Tip #3
Keep Cold Food Cold! 
Cold food that gets heated up over 45 degrees can have bacteria growth!  It’s best to keep cold food on ice, but since ice melts what’s a person to do? They now make portable icemakers you can take with you!  $169.  Here’s a neat trick for marinating, try the seasoned skewers and in just 15 minutes your meat will be seasoned on the inside too!

Tip #4 Stop Cross Contamination!
Something as simple as placing the cooked meat on the plate you used for the raw meat can make you sick.  Failure to wash your hands or use a sanitizer.  Even raw food with meats should never be left in the same cooler you drink your beverages from!

Try new GRILL Wipes and Grill Sheets to make BBQ grilling clean up a SNAP!  $2.99 and Grill Sheets $29.99 at

Tip #5 Wash your hands, wash your hands, every time you touch raw meat!

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