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Taking the "Weathered" out of Patio Furniture

A quick weekend project is to paint weathered patio furniture and other outdoor décor items that have rusted.  Metal, wood and wicker weather during years under the hot summer sun or cold of winter.  Painting with a quality exterior paint with rust-protection properties can bring patio furniture, deck chairs and other decorative items back to life. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t paint by hand.  Make the investment in a powered paint sprayer.  It will make quick work of your projects, and give you a consistent spray for an even coat. Your furniture will look almost new.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly the painting goes with the Black & Decker Pro 5.5 Paint Sprayer. Just pull the trigger to effortlessly release a consistent spray of paint to cover walls, ceilings, fences and wicker furniture or shutters that paint brushes cannot reach.  The Black & Decker Pro 5.5 Paint Sprayer applies up to one gallon of paint in just 11 minutes.

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