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Clean and Organize your Closets with Ease!

By Laura Dellutri

Wish you could fit more in your linen closet? Comforters and blankets too bulky to store for the summer? Sheets and pillow cases stuffed to the brim on the shelves?† Is your personal closet looking like a tornado ran through it?† If so this month I will be giving you the tools and some techniques to rescue you from the chaotic closet, you know the one where you can never find what you need when you need it!

You can turn your linen closet into a neat, organized and orderly unit.† The kind of closet where you will always know where things are, can find all the pieces of a set, and fit more items in there than you ever imagined!

Tip #1 Think space-age!

Comforters and bulky blankets aren't needed in the summer Ė so what can you do? Try space bags, which remove all the air from the material, flattening it so it takes up just 10% of the room it normally would! $19.99 Don't want to spend time sucking out the air with a vacuum? Then try using innovative state of the art storage tricks!

Keep the bulk out of the linen and clothes closet by being creative with stackable storage containers with doors that open! Stack those space hogs like big bulky comforters out of the way entirely with the Homz Designer under bed box with see through top and handles. Homz has a wide range of easy open door stack able containers.† No more searching from the bottom of the stack to find the items you stored.†† You can open the storage door to take something out without having to go through the process of un stacking the containers until you get to the one you want. This is one of the most innovative storage containers I have seen in ages!

Homz designer storage boxes come in small, medium and low profile that fits under the bed. Homz designer under bed box, see through top with handles prices vary

  1. 7738 Bedding Box
  2. 7736 Tall Garment

Tip #2 Store Wisely!

Keep a spare set of sheets right in the bedroom to keep your closet uncluttered! Put at least one set of clean sheets in a pillow case under your mattress with a Bounce fabric softener sheet in it $3.99 or when ready to use the sheets spray Febreze Fabric Refresher on the sheets to give them a fresh smell that eliminates odors at the core $3.99 It not only saves valuable space, but your sheet set always stays together!

Tip#3 Get rid of Musty odors!

Keep Bedding Smelling Fresh and Clean all the Time! I love to use Tide with Dawn Stain Scrubbers to clean my laundry.† It can handle tough greasy food stains, chocolate and even make up foundation on your pillow cases.† You can also try the new Tide Simple Pleasures Pendants with Lavender and vanilla in your closet!† Every time you or a guest opens the linen closet your towels, blankets, pillows and bedding smell clean and fresh!† For a clothes closet every 6-8 hangers place a pendant.

Tip#4† Donít Put it Down Put It Away!

Make sure that you have a place for everything even baseball caps.† That will help you stay organized.

Cap rack from

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